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The Round Tower

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The Round Tower

One of the most popular structures in Denmark.
The Round Tower was built by Christian IV between 1637 and 1642. It was the first part of the Trinitatis Complex, which combined church, library and observatory in a single building.

The Round Tower is a funny place for both children and adults and from the top you get a spectacular view of all the roof tops and spires of Copenhagen.

The Round Tower plays an important role in Danish History and has been involved in some of Copenhagen’s most spectacular, crazy and exiting historic events.

Unique Architecture.
The Round Tower does not have an elevator, so visitors have to climb the winding, white-washed Spiral Walk, where kids often hide in the niches, only to jump out shouting “boo!” as adults approach.

The spiral walk is unique in European architecture. The 209 m long spiral ramp winds itself 7,5 times round the hollow core of the tower, forming the only connection between the individual parts of the building complex.